My check in was last Friday, but I’ve been out of town… sorry for the late update.

The big thing I have noticed is that I have been feeling really good. I feel like I can go workout and do well. I feel like I can move and not feel like quitting. I feel like I can do WOD’s and do well; instead of just survive. I have actually felt good running. (That’s crazy town!) Don’t get me wrong I still hate running and see no reason in running any kind of distance, but WOD running is better than it’s been in a while!

The big thing to report is that, over the last two weeks, I’ve gone down another 6 LBS! That’s a good number for me. That places me down 37LBS over the last 10 weeks!

Over the last three weeks, I’ve been out of town traveling for work and school. I packed my Entre-Nous Meals and stayed on plan. Traveling is tough and makes for an easy excuse to go off plan… don’t do it! The numbers don’t lie and you can’t fake them out. Do the work, stay on your plan, and Keep Going!


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