It’s that experience which happens when you sit back in the chair with your eyes closed, allowing the sensations, flavors, and euphoric endorphins fill your body. It makes your head fall backward, it makes your hands drop into your lap, and it makes you praise God from whom ALL blessings flow. It’s an experience that ALWAYS leaves you wanting more…

Have you ever had that thought, “I’ll have just one little bite”, creep in your head? Have you ever seen something that you knew you couldn’t resist? Have you ever said something was your kryptonite?

Food triggers… those things that start with one choice and end in our inevitable hate for ourselves for eating too much, or not stopping, or for lack of will power… whatever it is, it’s those things that leave us in the lurch and force us to make a choice to quit or go deeper into the darkness.

I don’t know about you, but I have had the tendency to go into the darkness when I fail. I figure, I’ve failed, so I might as well fail big! Everyone knows that if you are going to fail, fail BIG! Right?


For example: If you get caught speeding at 15 MPH over the speed limit, with the same line of thinking you should then speed up to twice the speed limit as the cop is blue lighting you from behind. While you are speeding at 70MPH in a 35MPH zone, you lose control on a turn and run into a ditch in front of a house… following this line of thinking, you then floor it and make sure you run your car directly into the house with the resolve to go through the house and keep going. The problem is that the house is brick and your car only made it half way into it, killing you and everyone in the house.

The trigger: You needed to get to where you were going quickly and once you realized that speeding wasn’t a big deal, you ignored the things that said to stop and made sure you failed big… so you failed the right way. Just a little thing that triggers a series of events that ended in death and mayhem!

Is that a ridiculous scenario? Maybe, but it’s also not too far off the real life struggle with food and food triggers.

Real life… For me… I love pizza… like Oprah style love for pizza! In the past, I would set a limit of two pieces, and six pieces later realize that I missed that two mark. At that point, I would say “forget it” and have some ice cream. I would scoop me a “small” bowl, and after the second refill realize what was happening and decided to finish the carton. Right? Who’s with me here? On especially bad nights, I would then go searching for other things to eat… why?, because I had already failed, so what’s the point in being good anymore?

Many points in my life have been framed by that last question: “What’s the point in being good anymore?”, but that would lead us down a rabbit hole that we don’t have time for today.

The point for today… identify your triggers. Those foods that you can’t stop… those foods that make you want more… those foods that start out innocent that end in destruction. What are they? Make a plan on how to deal with them, before you have to deal with them. It sounds easy, but it’s not. I have foods in my house that would set me off, but I don’t eat them… why? Because I have a plan and that plan doesn’t include pizza or cake or anything else that gets me going.

Identify your food triggers. Get a plan, stay with the plan, and work the plan.

Most importantly… Keep Going!

If you need meal plan help, talk with Jamie Free

If you need meal help with already made meals that keep you on your plan, talk with Samantha with Entre-Nous. She keeps me fueled and on track!




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