The scale is the place where the mental battle is usually lost and more times than not, it’s the place where plans go to die.

I know people who weigh themselves every day, and  I also know people who never weigh themselves at all. So what’s the right thing to do?

I have seen more people stress out and fail because the scale wasn’t telling them what they wanted to read than I can count. You hear phrases like, “I was doing everything right and nothing is happening”… “The scale just isn’t moving”… “Come on! only 1 pound, after all of that!”… “Screw this, I’m done!”

Maybe you have said something similar before. Maybe you have given up because your work output didn’t match the results you were hoping for on the scale. I’ll tell you, from experience, this is normal!

I have had weeks, even now, where I have only lost less than 1 pound a week for a weight in. It’s was devastating, but not catastrophic this time. I have people around me to remind me where to focus. Do you?

Remember this: The scale can NOT be allowed to define you. The changes that are happening to your body do not always show themselves in pounds. Over the last 25+ weeks, I have had really small weight lost and really big weight loss. Most of the times If I were to quit after a terrible weigh in, then I would have missed the next weigh-in that would be much better. Luckily, my check-ins are more than just about LBS lost. We monitor LBS, Percentage of Body Fat, and feelings. The trick is to figure out which ones you value more.

Hands down, my biggest tell are feelings. If I’m feeling well, if my body is recovering well after workouts, and if my emotions are solid, then I’m doing great. Yes, my nutrition is a factor in all of those things. If those three things are in check and doing well, then I am doing well. Sometimes those feelings don’t translate into LBS lost.

Do I want my weight to go down? Yes, but I really want my Percentage of Body Fat (PBF) to go down. Now that’s a number I really care about. Because I do CrossFit, I’m always growing and adding to my muscle mass, so LBS are sometimes weird. If my PBF is going down, then I’m losing fat and that’s exactly what I want.

The things I value: The way my body feels and that I’m burning away fat. The scale going down is just a bonus!

Stop defining yourself by LBS and discover how your body feels to you. If you are feeling good about your workout and about the work you have done… if you gain a sense of empowerment and commitment because of your new lifestyle… and if you are surprising yourself by doing what couldn’t be done before then you are on the right track. You will stay focused and feel like a new person. I promise!

If you are frustrated or on the verge of quitting, send me an email through this website before you quit.

You can do it… you will get to a place of new freedom and new hope.

Most importantly, Keep Going!


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