I just get lost sometimes…

Not in terms of directions or forgetting where I am. I get lost in my priorities and goals. I have these weeks or days where I forget about all the work I’ve done and I forget about where I’m going. It’s really tough to stay focused and to Keep Going.

There are times I want to quit, times I want to forget the whole thing, and times when I just want to be a “normal” person (whatever that means). I don’t want to have limits, restrictions, or have to tell one more person why I’m not eating their food. So many times… I just want to say forget it all… I just want to be like everyone else. Who cares, right? Sometimes I want to throw down at a Buffett. Sometimes I want to eat all the chips and salsa at the table.

Is anyone with me? Am I alone in just wanting to throw up your hands and walk away from it all?

Today I have, once again, followed my eating plan. Today, I’m doing what I’m supposed to do and yet my heart and emotions just aren’t in it.

Tomorrow I travel to Florida for another CrossFit competition. I’m a little apathetic… A little indifferent about the whole thing. Maybe that will change tomorrow when I get in the car, but today… I’m just… indifferent.

I know my focus is off.  I know that I’m feeling off and that it’s all temporary, however it doesn’t change that fact that I feel this way. It doesn’t change the fact that we all have these times in our journey. All my energy is focused on staying on my goals, yet my emotions are not in it. It might be “normal”, but it’s difficult.

Today I feel lost… and that’s okay. Tomorrow I head to Florida and will compete with a good friend of mine. Tomorrow I will be half of Team Vicious and Delicious once again and we will go out and work hard. It will be fun, exciting, and challenging. Tomorrow I will shake off my apathy for a burning desire to compete.

Maybe you feel out of sorts and maybe you need to be reminded (like me), that the way you feel now is temporary unless you empower it to take over.

Keep Going… keep pushing through those emotions and feelings so that you can, once again, see the path toward those goals and all the wins you’ve had.

Focus, drive, and energy will come back if you continue to pursue it. You can do it. Be sure to not quit and to Keep Going.


  1. LOVE this..:having a lost day too…. a week away from my comp and thinking why am doing this? I want some damn cookies. I am so freaking tired. Ready to be “normal” again but realize I have a new normal even after all this and it’s health! Tomorrow is a new day- looking forward to a fresh start!


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