I wanted to follow up my last post with an update. Then Christmas got in the way. haha! Merry Christmas!

I try to be as open as possible with my life and struggles along this journey. I had a hard few weeks! It happens. I know its part of the journey for me. I have dealt with depression for most of my life, I know that it comes and goes. It will flair up and it will come back down eventually and with intentional help. I have come to realize that the dark hole that depression brings isn’t something that is forever… eventually I am able to walk back into the light.

Here’s what happened after my last post. Many people reached out with hearts of compassion. It was truly a beautiful thing and I will be forever grateful for each of you that cared enough to reach out.

There are clearly two types of people. The ones who deal or have dealt with depression and the ones who hear depression and automatically think that I’m going to kill myself. Although self harm was in my past, many many years ago, it is not a part of my struggle anymore. Thank goodness! No need to panic. My post was not a cry for help nor was it a last ditch effort to find life. It was just me sharing my life.

With that being said, one of my social media friends did reach out about vitamins that worked well for him and I did pick those up. I think they have worked great but I also am not sure if it was everything I was doing or just the vitamins. Either way, I needed to start taking vitamins again… my body has , for sure, enjoyed them. Yes, I can tell a difference physically with them. (muscle recovery has been on point!)

So, how did I get out of the black hole?

Remember, I have no clinical training in any of this… it’s just trial and error form my life.

Every time my depression rears it’s ugly head I force myself to be around people. These could be people I don’t know, people at the mall, coffee with friends, whatever! I naturally feed off the energy of other people (Which works negatively and positively). If I can keep myself from self-isolating and force myself to be around people and their energy then I do MUCH better.

I also have to focus on something that is challenging. Basically make a huge mental shift. This can be anything. This time it has been my food. I am currently on a carb cycle and that has forced me into a greater depth of concentration and intentionality. It’s new and I can’t coast through my food like before.

Oh, I also have an amazing dog… that always helps!

The last thing I do is Keep Going. I keep living my life. I workout, I work hard, and I keep going. I don’t allow myself to sit in my funk. Why? Because that’s where to bad things get worse.  I MUST KEEP GOING, no matter how hard it is to do so. Stopping can’t be an option, no matter what my body and mind might be saying. This is one of the reasons I use that phrase so much… it speaks to me on so many levels.

Feeling terrible and dark… Keep Going!

Want to quit… Keep Going!

Want to quit in this middle of this work out… Keep Going!

Want to say, “The Hell with it all”… Keep Going!

Want to give up on relationships because they get so tough… Keep Going!

Want to sleep in… Keep Going!

Not seeing immediate results… Keep Going!

Setting some goals that are getting tough to keep two months in… Keep Going!

Failed?…  Start again and Keep Going!


Thanks for all the love and support over the last week or two!

Just don’t forget to Keep Going!

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