This is not the first time I’ve had this dream and this time is similar to the last time this dream starting happening…

Before I get into this dream, let me preface this with the confession that I don’t usually remember my dreams. In fact, very few dreams have I remember over my lifetime.

When I was young I had this dream of falling out of a tall ceiling. I think my mind would take me to the Opryland Hotel and I’d be climbing up in the top of one of the garden ceiling, where I would loose my grip and fall. The point of impact would quickly wake me up with panic, a racing heart, and me profusely sweating. This was not the best dream to have as a kid, but I still remember it today.

Of course, as a teenage boy, I had other dreams but we aren’t talking about that right now… Moving on.

As an adult I don’t remember any particular dreams. I know that I’ve had a handful over the years, but nothing reoccurring like before in my life… until NOW!

If you have gone back and read my story (Click Here if you haven’t) or caught the brief one I posted at the beginning of this year (Click Here is you missed it), then you know that this is not my first time loosing weight. In fact, the first time I lost about 135LBS and was at my lowest weight still to date. The way I did that was through cycling (Road mainly). Eventually I got involved in Triathlon. The problem with Triathlon was I had to add running and swimming to my training, and as you know… I HATE RUNNING. I really took to swimming and became a decent swimmer (In my opinion). Obviously my training got split into thirds. Cycling, Running, and Swimming. I would swim most mornings and cycle later in the day or run. I really enjoyed my mornings in the pool. That’s really how I got hooked on working out in the early mornings.

Okay, back to the dream…

During the top or best of my training I started having this dream… the very same dream I  have been having the last few days. This dream doesn’t just occur at night, but is also something that I fantasy about during the day was well. It’s a little embarrassing to talk about and to bring up here… but… these are the things I do for you all. I have to be completely open and honest.

My dream and daily fantasies have been consumed by thoughts of… running. Even now I’m embarrassed to say it. I have been so consumed with the idea of running. Like horse on the open plain… just running. I’ve been visualizing myself running through my neighborhood and down the greenway. I’ve been wearing my 20lbs vest and running like the wind. It’s a beautiful dream. I feel unstoppable and as if I have unlimited energy… like I’m Leonardo DiCaprio on the front of the Titanic and anything is possible!

It’s affecting my running… I’m running better and faster. I don’t know what to do about this running thing. Maybe somewhere deep, deep, deep inside I have a runner that wants to come out. Granted, I’ve never seen this runner, but maybe it’s there somewhere wanting to come out.

So, here’s the question: What do you do with the dreams you dream?

Do you attempt them and risk failure, humiliation, and defeat? Or do you just dream the dream and enjoy the fantasy? Each answer carries it’s own risk and reward.

I’m not sure which way my answer will fall… right now I’m just enjoying the dreams, but maybe I’ll be brave enough to start moving. There’s just SO much to overcome with my emotional and internal baggage. It’s not just going out and doing it. It’s never just that easy… but maybe it is… Maybe it is as simple as just doing it. Maybe NIKE has it right?

I’ll let you know what happens… maybe. 😉

Until then… remember that you are worth investing in…  Keep Going!



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