This week, I wanted to share things specifically talking about obesity in Untied States and even more specifically the state of Tennessee. I’ve live in Tennessee for almost all of my life and I love this state. It breaks my heart to know what I have learned… so much that I’m devoting a week of posts to the topic.

It might have all started with this video…

I’ve been on this journey and this journey has been terrible, great, inspiring, depressing, sad, joyful, and worth it. Today, I experience life like I’d only dreamed of before. I didn’t know what I was missing and I didn’t know what good felt like. I underestimated my body and have been in awe of what it’s capable of doing. It’s so easy to ‘F’ up your life with eating what’s easy and available. It’s so easy to not worry about anything but what tastes good and feels good. It’s easy to pick up the drug of sugar and processed carbs. It’s easy. It’s also something that’s going top kill us if it continues. Those two things are directly linked to cancer and almost all chronic disease. The crazy part is that we know the cure. It takes hard work and not a pill. Pills will manage, not cure. We know the cure and have seen in happen over and over again within our communities.

Maybe we are all okay with laying on our death bed with a chronic disease and saying I’m sorry to our loved ones because we neither loved ourselves or them enough to change our lives. I guess that’s okay with most of the world.

It’s not okay with me!

I know the cure… I’ve seen it work… and I’m betting my life on it.  In fact, I’m giving my life to it.

Change is happening… Keep Going!

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