For some reason, I feel like this whole journey just got real. Sure, I started just over 10 weeks ago, but today is my Birthday and that means I have exactly 2 years until my goal. Two short years to fitness. Two short years to pull ups, muscle ups?, and CrossFit domination (Or at least Combustion domination). haha!

In two years, will I see more freedom, joy, and life than I ever thought possible? I hope so. That’s my desire… that’s why I’m on this journey… that’s why I push… that’s why I will need all your help and encouragement to push me through the next two years.

I desire to tell a different story with my life. A story that’s not defined by the negative voices in my head, but a life that’s more fully opened to the world around me and how I can make it better. In the midst of division and hate, maybe a life that’s more open to others and less focused on me can actually make a difference.

There will be some pain, but it will be worth it… and I’m worth it.

Be the change you want to see in the world and stop blaming other people for your problems or inability to change your own life. Let’s write a different story together… one of hope, freedom, and joy. Let’s do the hard work together, and by all means Keep Going!

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