Funny thing just happened… I was writing this particular blog and it ended up being not about flying at all. I ended up in an unexpected place of brutal honesty and introspection that I haven’t had in my blog yet. I ended up changing the title and it will be posted next Monday (Feb. 6), so be sure to check it out next week.

Of course, if you have read this series on flying, you should also know that all four of these parts didn’t have to do with flying, exactly. They were about the fear and anxiety that large humans deal with in the midst of everyday things. While I appreciate all the flying tips, it was never about flying… it was about me… about working through fear and anxiety. Flying was simply the framework to talk through it.

These lessons and ideas can be applied to almost anything you do, which bring up fear and anxiety. It works and I’ve survived and maybe even thrived through those experiences.

To close out this series, I simply want to recap…

  1. Fear and anxiety can and will cripple you if you let it.
  2. Define and accept your reality. (The things you can’t change)
  3. Decide to move through the fear, not around it. Go through!
  4. Make a plan in advance and stick to it.
  5. Execute your plan. Alter your plan after you’ve made it through, not during.
  6. Keep stepping forward. Don’t allow hiccups or problems to derail you.

Don’t stop learning from your experiences. Know that you will make it through it if you keep stepping forward.

You will fail every attempt you quit, so Keep Going!

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