I get asked this type of question all the time. Generally, it’s asked by people who don’t see me every day or have zero social media interaction (I assume), but never-the-less… stop asking questions like this!

The question starts out, “Are you still…?”. It doesn’t really matter what comes after you start with those three words.

Here’s the assumption behind the question…

  1. You are a quitter, so they aren’t sure if you are still doing something
  2. You don’t look like you are still doing said thing
  3. You hate puppies and all things magical

okay, the last one might not be true, but the other two are the assumptions that can be made by questions that start out that way.

For instance, Are you still biking?… Either I have quit this or I look like I have gained weight and could fit on a bike.

This is the dark place this type of question brings about.

For people who are on a journey, we are already struggling enough each day with all the things inside of us, and now we are getting opposition from an external presence… that sucks! Seriously, each day is a struggle… don’t add to it. We will guilt ourselves enough without help from other people.

A better way to catch up with people is to ask how things are going… go ahead and assume that people are still doing the hard work… assume the best in your friends, not the worst.

How’s CrossFit going? It’s kicking my butt daily but I love it.

How’s cycling going? Not good over the last year, but I hope to ride a lot more this year.

How’s the nutrition plan? I’m killing it, thanks for asking.

How do you feel when you ROWWOD? Swole and Flexy!

May we build each other up and encourage each other to Keep Going!

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