I wanted to add an update for my week 12 check in, which I had on Monday, but also wanted to write a bit about life and transparency first. I had my update on a different day than normal: a Monday instead of a Friday. The good news is, I got a few more days on my plan to lose more LBS. The bad news is, the next check in might be back on a Friday, which gives me less time. (Ah, the mental battles I fight)

I have been feeling GREAT over the last few weeks and have noticed a big change in my performance at CrossFit. (This week has continued that trend of peak performance) Overall I’m feeling great about what’s happening in and outside my body. In terms of transparency, I have felt a need to share my numbers… not just the loss numbers, but all my numbers. This terrifies me!

The fear: I know I have people in my life that will judge me negatively about my numbers and I don’t want to open myself up to ridicule and meanness… or even worse… pity. But… I feel like it’s something I should do.

I’ve also started taking topless pictures. haha! But, for real… I wanted to be able to see body changes as I go through this process. I wish I took them earlier, but I started last week. I don’t think I’ll be sharing those anytime soon, so don’t get too excited. 😉

Here I go… transparency at it’s most vulnerable:

Back in 2005, I was weighed and I saw the biggest number I’d ever seen on a scale. The number… 415 LBS. I was shocked. During the next couple of years I know that I had gained even more weight, but NEVER went to a scale to find out. So my journey starts there: 6’5″ and 415+ LBS. It’s still shocking to me now.


Fast forward a bit (You can read about it more on my ‘about‘ page), when I started with Jamie Free in November of 2016. I’m still 6’5″ and here are the numbers:

My initial weigh in was on November 8, 2016:  389.1 LBS (That was more than I thought it would be… at that moment I realized my scale at home SUCKS and so does my life. But, this was the start of something new… a journey… a way forward…

November 8, 2016: 389.1 LBS and 34.8 PBF (Percentage of Body Fat) – The Start

February 13, 2017: 346.8 LBS and 27.5 PBF – Currently

That means I’ve lost -42.3 LBS and -7.3 off my PBF since November. My base metabolic rate has gone up and up, so my body is burning more calories and functioning better. I love what’s happening inside and out. So, I Keep Going!


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