17.1? = The Year (17).The Workout (1)

This year, we are having a team competition at CrossFit Combustion in Spring Hill, TN. I was selected as one of the Team Captains… which I’m still humbled by being asked. My team: Jerks & Frans. For you non-CrossFitters… Jerk is a weightlifting movement and Fran is the name of one of the most infamous WOD’s in CrossFit. It’s a play on words.

Anyways… 17.1. The first WOD for the 2017 CrossFit Open.


Well, that ended up being a big image… anyways.

As a large human, burpees and box jump-overs together seemed to be scarier than a clown standing on the edge of the woods.  With my new reality of weight loss and health, I was excited to push through them. That’s right, excited about burpees. haha! Who would have thought? I’ll take the mind shift as a WIN, thank you very much.

I ended up competing in the first heat of the day… at 7:40a. I was a mixture of nervousness and excitement. I wasn’t really warmed up… but that wouldn’t take long once I started. The countdown started: 10,9,8,7….3,2, GO!

The dumbells were not a big deal, but those burpee box jump-overs caught me… I started too fast and by the end of the 20 minutes, I was ready to remember how to breathe again. I got into the 40 Dumbell Snatches round, which was awesome! I RX’d the workout. (Which means I didn’t have to scale any of it) This was a great WIN for me!

This leads me to my goal for this year’s Games: I want to do 2 WOD’s at RX. Last year I was able to do 1 and the year before that, I didn’t do any RX. Let’s see what happens next…

Fear does not belong here!

Keep going!

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