This workout was a repeat from 2016. Last year I had the same problem as this year… No Hand Stand Push Ups! I can’t do them.

Last year, I remember people asking if I was going to scale it and how far I thought I would get. I was a little embarrassed to say that I thought I would get to the HSPU’s, so I would say something like… I don’t know. Last year I knew I could get to the HSPU’s and this year I knew I could as well.

Here’s the WOD:



As you can see, the time caps was 13 minutes. I completed last year’s row by 11:24 and this year I completed the row by 10:38! That’s some progress right there!

I was very pleased with a better time in this repeat WOD. I even tried a HSPU… and wasn’t close.

Yes, that’s me falling… Haha!

Keep trying Team… and Keep Going!

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