I’m an emotional guy. I cry in movies, TV shows, and real life. I get hurt by people’s words and tones. I can’t help it… it’s just the way I was made. There are elements of that which help me in my job working with people, yet there’s the other side that allows me to be really hurt because I work with people. It could go either way.

Us humans are really good at hurting each other.

I’m not sure that’s the way we were made, but it’s the way we are now. As we grow up, people have come in and out of our lives. They have said both good and bad things to us. They are built us up and torn us down.

Did you know it takes many many more good things to be said to replace one bad thing said to us? Since that never happens, we end up carrying around all the bad things that people say to us. That teacher in third grade, that boss you had in your first job, that coach who never seems to care, or that person who broke your heart in a really bad way. Regardless of the situation… you know what I’m talking about. You can recall many instances in your life immediately where people have hurt you, right?

Maybe you are like me and you feel the need to hurt your because you are hurt. When I’m hurt I turn to food and desire to punish myself or hurt myself by eating terrible things. My medication becomes a greater illness. The things that I use to make myself feel better end up hurting me more. Rationally, we can see this, but in the moment… we just want to react.

Like all the other things I have typed about over the last six weeks, this is another big place where we all have turned to food for deliverance. This is another place where we want to cover up our feelings so we don’t have to deal with anything… so we can cope… so we can cover up the hurt.

When I’m not willing to feel the feels or work through the hurt, I make bad choices. I have found that I have to deal with my junk. I have to talk about it with someone or work through it in healthy ways like journaling.

How are you choosing to deal with your hurt?

Choose to work through the hurt and not attempt to cover it up, and by all means, Keep Going!

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