Two BIG things happened last week. First, I had a check in with Jamie. Second, I hit a fitby40 goal… Freaking AWESOME!

First things first… I dropped another 2.5LBS since the last check-in. Boom! Keeping that needle going down. I also lost some Percentage of Body Fat as well, which is the goal. I feel great about this and it brings my total weight loss down to -56LBS. Big Money!

Second… the goal…

I GOT A ROPE CLIMB!!!! FLOOR TO RAFTERS, I DID IT! I can’t tell you how excited I am about making this goal. It’s a body weight movement and that’s where I struggle… you know because I have a lot of body weight to move. It happened in the middle of the WOD on Saturday. I had scaled the first three rounds but noticed that I was doing well standing up on the rope…. so… in round four, I just went for it. All of a sudden I found myself halfway up the rope and with each step and pull I heard more and more people in the box screaming. Everyone stopped mid-WOD and cheered me on as I gave my last pulls to touch the rafter above. I was in shock, I couldn’t believe it… I did the impossible. I went beyond what I thought I could do and was successful. It’s shocking. I got one glimmer of hope that it might be possible and then I did it… what the heck? Is that what happens in life… a glimmer of hope which turns to success? Maybe.

Anyways, I’m walking taller and feeling like I could do anything.

Pull-ups… I’m coming for you!


Keep Going…

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