This was the end of my CrossFit Open for 2017. It had been a great year and I’ve done better than I thought I could have done. I RX’d a couple of WOD’s and that’s awesome! I ended up being ranked 1398 in the region, for my age group, and 38093 out of the world in my age group. I realize most people are like… who cares… those numbers don’t mean anything to me. Basically, those numbers place me in the middle of the pack. I’m neither the worst nor the best… I’m doing well for me, and that’s all that matters.

My goal is to be in the middle of the pack so I would say this year was another successful year!

I ended up having to do my WOD on Sunday because I was out of town for the Saturday fun.  By the time I got to the box, I was tired and ready to be done. There was no crowd and the excitement was low. I didn’t really know what time to try and beat in the box and I didn’t care.

Here’s the WOD:


I finished the WOD at 11:13. I wouldn’t say that I gave it my all but I also didn’t take it easy. I did push a bit, but I think I could have given more. Usually, I want to go harder, but not Sunday.

Kind of a lackluster ending in The open for me. Or was it… (see the last Open blog update coming soon)

Whether you are in it to win it or not wanting to do anything but be lazy… show up and do the work and Keep Going!




  1. Proud of you! Most of us reading this probably didn’t even try to get in the pack, let alone in end up in the middle of it. You are looking healthier every week and inspiring lots of people. I know that our youth will always remember your journey and lesson in persistence. God bless you! Lyndon


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