People always want the magic bullet answer, when they ask you what your doing to get “in shape”. They don’t want to hear the hard work it takes to follow a food plan, exercise, stay focused, and sleep well. They want to know about a new medical breakthrough that can change your life with minimal work and maximum results. If I could just take a pill or have a surgery, I could fit that in my schedule.

People always wish they had something else (like commitment, drive, or willpower) in order to get healthy. It’s, seemingly, a natural assumption that we lack something and therefore are unable to do what needs to be done. Don’t buy those lies… you have been wonderfully made and are currently equipped with everything you need to get healthy.

Intentionality goes a LONG way! I have to be intentional with my life, otherwise, I will fail. Here’s the deal: When I started this journey in November I was working a full-time job, going to school for a master’s degree full-time, and being a present/active husband and father. I have two girls, one wife, one dog, and one cat in our house. I live 45 minutes away from my job. My girls are active in Jui-Jitsu and CrossFit. My wife works full-time and we both work jobs that require schedule changes daily. We don’t have an abundance of time or energy. We run hard and play hard. I have plenty of excuses to not work out and eat healthily. I have to travel monthly or more, and I eat out regularly as a part of my job. Should I keep going? Need-less-to-say, I have a full schedule and I’m generally able to get it all done. I’m neither more or less busy than most people I know. I’m not listing these things to brag, but to simply paint a picture. I don’t want anyone to think it’s just my easy life and schedule that makes it all work. It’s not. Intentionality goes a long way!

Generally, here’s my schedule matrix:

4a Wake up

4:15a First cup of coffee is made, the pre-workout meal made, and I’m sitting down to Read Scripture, pray, and focus on the day ahead.

4:30a I eat my pre-workout meal

5:10a I’m finishing up my reading and praying, and packing up to leave for the gym

5:30a CrossFit class begins

6:40a Come back home (Stop by the store if we need anything)

7a Cook breakfast, prep 2 snack meals for the day, and get after to girls to get ready for school

7:30a Eat Breakfast

7:40a Girls get on the bus

7:50a I’m showering and getting ready for the day

8:45ish I’m out the door for the day

9:30a Snack

12p Lunch

3:00p snack

3:30p-5:30p I arrive back home depending on the day and if it’s my day to pick up the girls from school.

6p Dinner

7:30p Girls get ready for bed

8p Kids bedtime process

9p Snack

10p Go to sleepy town (Or at least that’s the goal. I usually end up later but I’m working on it)

This is a general day but doesn’t apply to my every day exactly. Weekends are different and Tuesdays are different each week. When I can, I go to a Barbell class on Monday and Wednesday Nights. On Saturdays I workout at 8a and 10a, but this can only happen when the family doesn’t have anything planned.

Each night, I think through the next day and make sure I have a plan to execute once I wake up. Your day will look differently and will flow differently.

Let me clear one more thing up… I’m not a “morning person”, whatever that means. I often hear about how people “can’t” wake up early and workout. It seems impossible to some people, and that’s fine. I don’t like morning either. It hurts to wake up at 4a… It’s literally painful sometimes. I do it becasue, at 4a no one gets in the way of the things I need to do to start my day. The house is quiet, the animals are sleeping, and it’s just me and darkness. Before anyone is awake, I have read, prayed, focused, and worked out. I have started the day by meeting huge objectives with great consistency. By the time I see my family, I’m ready to win the day and be successful. How do you greet the day?

I don’t have special powers of will or some easy life. I have goals and a plan…

Set your goals, make a plan, and Keep Going!

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