Last week I had another check in with Jame Free.

Let me just say, at this point int he game… I’m never sure what the measurements are going to reveal. I don’t weigh myself in between check-ins and I have days where I feel better than others. I simply have zero expectations when I walk in. I honestly have no idea how to have expectations. I follow the plan he gives me and CrossFit… that’s it.

Anyways… great news: I lost another 2.6 LBS and lost 2.4% off my PBF!

That bring my totals (Since November) I’ve lost -58.4 LBS and -10.5% off my Percentage of Body Fat. Those are some great numbers still. Maybe next time I’ll be in the -60LBS club! (There’s no real club)

Entre-Nous saves my butt every week. I grab a meal and go, so I don’t get caught without a good option.

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