Last week I had another check in with Jamie. I have been busy and let three weeks go by and wouldn’t have thought about it except for the fact that Jamie texted me and asked if I was still alive. haha! I have not been avoiding him and I have stayed on plan… I have just been busy! Life… am I right?!

So here’s the deal:

I lost 5.9LBS and went down a whole percentage in my Percentage of Body Fat. I’ll take it! Those are good numbers and I have been feeling really good too. My body is recovering well and I’ve worked hard to stay on my plan. All and All… I’ll take it!

Overall I’ve lost 67.4 LBS with Jamie and gone down 11.6% on my Percentage of Body Fat.

Boom goes the dynamite!

Big goals coming up soon…

  1. Loose 70+ LBS (2.6 away)
  2. Be under 300LBS (21.7 away)
  3. Pull Up (I’m getting so close)
  4. I’m getting really close to -100 LBS from my heaviest recorded weight (6.7 away) Triple Digits baby!


Until next time… Keep Going!

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