Last month three years ago, I was starting CrossFit after being in a beginner class for the month of June. It was super intimidating but felt right at home with my 0530 crew. In the early days, the 0530 class was small. I remember sitting in the car waiting to see if anyone else would show up before walking in… It scared the crap out of me fearing that I would be the only person in class. Three years later the 0530 class is the biggest class at Combustion… or at least on Mondays and Wednesdays. I’ve watched this box grow more and more each month and have met so many incredible people.

This place has changed my life physically, mentally, and spiritually. It has been a place of testing (Mentally and physically), stress relief, full body health, and friendships. I have been on the brink of death with these people and they have pushed me through the Valley of Dry Bones on many occasions. We have bled together, sweated together, played together, partied together, and even walked together through tough life stuff.

My box has been more than a gym, more than a place to workout… it’s become a lifestyle, a social conduit, and a home.

In my life, this has been the only place where I have been able to fully be me. It’s the only place where I don’t have to be something someone else needs me to be. Literally, every other area of my life I have to be what someone else needs me to be, but here I am me… here I’m accepted… here I’m just Jacob.

This place will break my heart to leave. I will miss all the amazing coaches, athletes, and even the programming. I will continue on this journey and will continue to work my way toward fitness, but today I’m sad because my Combustion experience is over. I truly love this place.

Here’s where I started about 3 years ago:


Three years later:


I’m a different guy, and It’s largely due to CrossFit Combustion! They have loved, encouraged, and pushed me to be better in EVERY part of my life. I can’t be more thankful to have been a part of this CrossFit Family! Thank you CFC!



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