For those of you who watched the TV show “House”, this seemed to be a common thing that House would yell at his staff of top level Doctors. I loved this show and hate that it’s not on TV any more… but to be honest, it got a little crazy toward the end.

For those of you who didn’t ever see this fantastic show, House is a brilliant Doctor who’s speciality was the cases that couldn’t be solved. He was the top Diagnostician in the world (maybe that’s an exaggeration, but close). He was also addicted to pain killers and generally a complete butt hole (Which I loved). Anyways, one of things that happened nearly every episode is that he sent one or more of his team to check out the sick person’s environment… their home, apartment, etc.


Because environment matter.

When you are chronically sick, you might have an issue with your environment. Maybe your house has mold in it, maybe you have rusty pipes, maybe you have an issues with you HVAC unit, or a leaky fireplace. Either way, if you are chronically sick, your house might be killing you.

Let me add one more piece to this puzzle of an intro…

You ever hang out with people that you grew up with; but haven’t seen in many years? What happens?

Often times, you walk away saying something to the effect of:

“It’s like old times”


“We were able to pick up where we left off”

It happens, right?

Being in an environment or around people who where associated with a past environment automatically place you back into that same place in time. Maybe you hardly ever drink, but you reconnect with college friends only to show up to a bar and end up trying to repeat college… we automatically think we are 20 something without a care in the world. Yet, we aren’t that person anymore… we can’t be… we won’t be. Something in me has changed and I am different, yet… the same.

With my recent move I have found myself back in my childhood environment. It’s been disorienting and yet familiar. It’s been a place of great love, and yet a place of great vulnerability. I’m unclear who I am in the midst of this environment. I know who I was in this place, but I’m not that person anymore. I’m not who I used to be, yet I can’t help but instinctively allow myself to be who I was and not who I am.

Environment matters.

Maybe you have found yourself inside of an environmental struggle that you feel trapped inside of and unable to escape. That has been my life over the last few weeks.

Can I be the new me inside the system of the old me?

Last week, Entre-Nous read my blog and stepped into my life to help push me from the chaos and into some control. My old struggles of food seemed inescapable, until they stepped in and saved me. Last week, Entre-Nous took care of both lunch and dinner for me. They, once again, reminded me that people believe in me… that people believe that I can Keep Going… that I can find focus and freedom in the chaos of life. Their efforts last week got me back on track, focused, and once again believing that I can do this… that I can be Fit By 40.

Maybe your environment is killing you. Maybe you need a change. Maybe you just need someone like Entre-Nous or Jamie Free to step into your life and hold your hand for a bit. I’m thankful for the people in my life who love and believe in me enough to not sit by and allow me to drown in a sea of chaos. Remember back in a past blog when I said in the very beginning that  you have to get a team around you ? This is why… my team saved me.

I’m ready to Keep Going… about 1.5 years remaining and I can’t wait to see what happens.


(Let me be clear… this blog is not a plug for anything. I don’t get paid to write about any of it. I do it because I need people to know and this seems to be the only way I’m able to do it. I am a sponsored athlete of Entre-Nous, but that’s not why I wrote about them. They really did step in and save me. I write about them because they have changed my life and walked with me in this journey. They have saved me and equipped me at the same time. They aren’t a company that just drops meal in a fridge at your local box, they get to know you and they want to help. They want to see you succeed and to Keep Going. They love people’s stories and the opportunity to be a part of each person’s story. No other meal company, that I have experienced, has ever been that way across the board. They might know the people who can do stuff for them but that’s it. Enter-Nous is a life changer first and a business second. They truly love and take care of their people above and beyond expectations.)

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