As most of you know, I moved recently… around the 13th of July. For the remaining time in July, I took time to try out different boxes around Nashville. I loved seeing how the boxes around town operated and It was great to meet new people, coaches, and owners. Some where GREAT and some were good, but none where terrible or bad. (At least not any that I tried out)

The idea was to go three days each week to workout at different boxes and then go back to Combustion on Saturdays. It was a great plan and worked well, but it also added to my already chaotic state of existence. But… it was the only way toward order and a new CrossFit home.

Below I’ll give a few insights and thoughts about each box. Maybe it will help those who are looking for a new box or maybe help you a appreciate your current box.

Friday July 14 –  Trivium CrossFit 0500

(I’ll come back to this one.)

Monday July 17 – CrossFit Melrose 0530


These guys set the bar really high. The owner, Mark, replied quickly to emails and got me in there! The people were fantastic! The best part about this box is that Mark asked me about me. He wanted to know a bit about my story. No other box did this and it made a big impact on me. Their social media game is the best out there. Their negative was Pricing Structure. They have a $30 sign up fee, but no contract. Their cheapest plan was $185 per month. They lost me at their price, despite how great everything else was. They also didn’t push their athletes really hard during class, but had more of an atmosphere of inclusion and a “do what you can” kind of mentality. I like to be pushed hard.

Wednesday July 19 – CrossFit Forte 0600


The coaches were great here. The people were a little less sociable but still nice. Programming seems solid and they had some athletes to push me… which was nice. I even knew some people that are members here and they couldn’t stop telling me how great this place was. It all seems pretty true. Their building set up was really good and they even had AC in the waiting room and bathrooms (With showers). Their monthly prices start at $179 and that’s still a bit more then I wanted to pay per month, but not terrible. Where they lost me was that they charged me $15 to try out the class. No other box charged me to try out a class. That was a huge turn off to me. I rationally understand it, but it’s just unnecessary.

Saturday July 22 – Combustion

Ah, home again!

Monday July 24 – CrossFit H Dub 0530


I LOVED this place. The owner. Trey, was awesome and the place just felt like home. They even encouraged me to try out a whole week of programming for free. Pretty amazing! Members welcomed me and everyone talked with each other… even cheering each other on. I got completely killed by the WOD and even got a DNF. I wanted to quit, which hadn’t happened in a long time. (Side note: at this point my food was off and I was in a terrible place) Anyways…. so why am I not a member there? It just came down to money. Their membership is $180 for unlimited and that’s above the budget. That was a heart breaker. I knew I couldn’t go there long term because we will be moving into our new house, but I really wanted to go here short term. They have no contracts and it would have been great. The best part of this box is that it faces the sunrise, so as you are working out you get to watch it out the garage door. So cool.

Wednesday July 26 – CrossFit BNA 0600 


Best wall art goes to… BNA! This was a cool atmosphere, even with the short ceilings. The coach we had was great and encouraging. It seems to have the bones to be a good box. Here’s were the lost me… Only one other person was there for class. Bummer! I tried to get past this little bit of weirdness, but it’s tough. The final nail in the coffin was my drive back to the house. It took me 4 times longer to get home then to get there. 6a classes are terrible in Nashville traffic. The amazingly great part… their price: $130 per month for unlimited. Thats awesome! Of course if they don’t have the times you need, it doesn’t help.

Friday July 28 –  CrossFit Hermitage 0600


The owner Brandi is a trip. I really really liked her and her energy. If you just picked a box for the owners, Brandi would be close to the top. She was very responsive and kept checking back in with me. She is fantastic. The facility there is awesome. It has everything! The people were super nice and cut up some in class. I had a great time. So, why am I not there? A couple of reasons. First, the programming was a little bit of a mixture between CrossFit and normal exercise class stuff. (Which isn’t a bad thing, just not my thing.) The other thing that turned me away, and maybe the biggest reason, was that I would have been charged more for being there short term. The month to month contract was $180 a month, while their membership is $160. Once again… I get it, but it doesn’t mean I like it or have to pay for it.

Saturday July 29 – Combustion (Last Day)

All and All, it comes down to money, programming, and atmosphere. The price needs to make sense and be competitive to other boxes. The programming needs to be challenging and offer barbell work. The atmosphere is all about a new family to me. I want to be around people who challenge me, cut up with me, and have fun. I want some athletes who can decimate me, yet also want me to be better.

So why Trivium?


The top 10 reasons why I’m at Trivium (Not in any certain order):

First, it’s close to my new house and not to far away from where I currently live. (Proximity to the interstate helps too).

Second, price. The unlimited membership is $165 a month… all while being in Brentwood. That’s a price I believe in.

Third, Jamie Free.

Fourth, I knew a few people there already and they have enjoyed it. So, peer testimonies.

Fifth, The facility is super nice! The Playground.

Sixth, the coaches and owners are incredible people who wanted to get to know me and have been such an encouragement to me already.

Seventh, the members have welcomed me in and helped me to feel like I belong there.

Eighth, They have some really great athletes to push myself toward.

Ninth, 0500 class time. This helps me beat traffic and not have to rush out the door.

The tenth and final reason, their social media game is solid and they desire to see life change with people.


The big part of this whole journey is to Keep Going! I’m looking forward to see Trivium shape me.

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