I’m 39 weeks into this journey with Jamie Free. I can’t believe it’s been so long and yet seems such a short time as well. This journey has been really hard lately… not that it has ever been easy, but just harder lately. My world has changed, I have changed, and yet the work still needs to be done. I’m not sure I will ever “arrive”, but in a year and a half I know I want to be better… stronger… thinner… happier with my insides… better with my relationships… and actually believe that I’m worth all of the work I’m putting into it. I know it’s happening slowly and I know I will look back and be amazed, but sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and still see that little self-isolating boy who was and is so broken. I want to be proud of the way I look and no longer be ashamed… I’m getting there, but it’s slow and I have to be sure to claim those glimpses of glory. Today, I liked the things I saw in the mirror, and that’s a win. I’ll take that!

Today I met with Jamie and got my numbers. I have had a rough couple of weeks with my transition and was retaining a ton of water in my body. (thanks stress!) Today, was a good check in and I can report that I’m back on track. My weight is about where it was before the stress fest, however… my body fat has gone down!

Today, I can report that I’m almost normal… I’ve never been bale to claim that before. The normal range of Body Fat is between 10-20% and mine is currently 20.2%!!!!!! So, despite all the stress my PBF has gone down 2%. That was great news to me today!

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