Last week, I had a check in with Jamie Free. He and I were both very curious about what numbers I would be able to post. The reality is that I am feeling so close to another milestone (to be in the 200’s) that I wasn’t thinking about my overall numbers. I want to see a different number at the beginning of my number… I want to be there! With to much focus on what will be, it’s easy to loose sight of what I am now… and what I am now should be celebrated.

In my head I had a goal of loosing 100lbs this first year on my trek to be Fit by 40. Will I make it? Maybe. Most likely I won’t loose that quickly as I approach my next 10 or so weeks (My counting could be off. Think of it being like the score on “Who’s Line Is It Anyways”. Points don’t matter, but I’ll know when I get to the year mark). So If I have 10 weeks remaining and loose about 2 LBS a week, I could loose 20 LBS. That only puts me 15 away from 100LBS in the first year. I’m not sure 35LBS would be possible in the next 10 weeks. After all, my body will do what my body will do. I will stay on plan and workout regularly… we shall see what happens. But that has nothing to do with this last check in. Get back on topic Jacob!

So… Last week I logged a loss of 4.9LBS. This check in was 3 weeks from that last one and I had a little Bro Trip Weekend where I ate out for dinners (Not exactly on my plan). One more pound would have been cool, but that’s okay. That brought me down to 315.9LBS. Keep in mind that I’m 6’5″… I ain’t a small dude. So I’m not ever going to be a guys who’s 200LBS or looks like runner, nor do I want to be. I want to be whatever size I end up being as a result of the hard work I’m putting in. My body will do what it is intended to do as I work hard to be more and more fit.

But wait, that’s not the end of this story… remember back to an earlier blog about my story? Remember when I started this blog with talks of celebrating the now?

I have BIG news!

With that last check in I have (Since starting with Jamie Free) lost 2 POOD! What is a POOD? I’m glad you asked… it’s a weight measurement. We talk about POODS in terms of kettlebell weights. For example, 2 POODS are equal to about 72.226 LBS. Since I am sitting at -73.2LBS… I have lost just over 2 POOD since November! BOOM! The cool thing about thinking of my loss in this way is that I can walk in to any CrossFit box, walk over to the Kettlebells and pick up a 2 POOD kettlebell and remember where I was. That’s pretty cool and great reminder to KEEP GOING!

But wait… that’s not all!

With that last check in, I am now down 100LBS from the heaviest weight I ever saw on a scale. When I first tried to loose weight (And was successful) it took me a while to find a scale that would tell me what I weighted. I lost some weight and finally stubbled across a scale that would actual go up high enough for give me a number over 400LBS. (This was not an easy task. Imagine going from place to place just trying to figure out how bad off you are, only to find out that nothing to can tell you… that’ how bad off you are!) The scale read 415LBS, and it made me hurt inside. So from years ago till now,  I grateful to report that I am now 100LBS away from where I once was. I have lost a good sized kid’s worth of weight off my body! That’s awesome!

Don’t get to focused on the future that you forget about the work to be celebrated NOW!

2 POOD and 100LBS later… I still have to KEEP GOING!



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