I’ve been asked many times if I have ever done a CrossFit competition. The answer has always been a little chuckle, immediately followed by a NO. In my head I’m like: “Hell No! Have you seen me workout? Have you looked at my body? I can’t do half the movements! I can’t do body weight stuff well. I’m just not there yet”.

Luckily, my head sometimes keeps my mouth shut! ProTip: It’s easier to make friends if you don’t yell your personal insecurities at their face. Just saying.

So, when a friend of mine talks about me being a back up to a partner competition coming up in a few weeks, I was like… sure. I’ll be your back up. Clearly, I was banking on the other guy still doing it with him. Low and behold… my friend needed me to be his partner. Dang it!

The other guy really wanted to do it RX and my friend was going to do the scaled. I was going to have to sack up and enter the floor of CrossFit Competition. NOOOOO!

For a guy with body image issues, this is a scary place.

A couple of weeks went on and he never registered us and I thought I was going to luck out… and then… I got the confirmation email with OUR registration. My comfortable box was burned to the ground! What am I supposed to do now?

I have talked with my people: Jamie Free and Samantha Blake. Jamie is helping me plan and Samantha is helping with the food support. Apparently food is different on competition day… things I’m learning. These two keep my feet on the ground and I can’t imagine this journey without them.

Today, as I am writing this blog I am an hour away from going back to the Box to train. This will be my second time to be there today. I have to work on these workouts before showing up to the competition. Can’t believe I’m actually doing this. This is a BIG hairy deal!

I’m a mixture of excitement and utter fear. I can go either way at any time.



Big love and shout out to Enter-Nous, 27 Health and Wellness AKA Jamie Free, and Barbell VooDoo. Your support and love mean the world to me! Also your hugs… I need lots of hugs to make it through this… thanks in advance!

Alright, I have to go train for this thing and KEEP GOING!

BTW, our Team name is “Vicious and Delicious”


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