I had the opportunity for a little Bro Trip to Florida a couple of weeks back. It was a quick little weekend trip. I’m not sure I have ever been on a Bro Trip before and I really wasn’t sure what kind of trouble we were going to get into… the answer was none. 😉

Justin, David, and I got into the car a few Friday’s ago (After waiting hours for Justin to get ready… freaking deva! A shower and three bags later, he was ready for our weekend trip) and headed south to Florida. We ate well, played in the ocean, laid in the sun, had great conversations, and stumbled into the coolest box that I have ever seen! Seriously… the coolest.

I follow a lot of CrossFit boxes on Instagram, (By the way, if you don’t follow me on Instagram you are missing out on a lot! Insta: fitby40.blog) so after Roy, of Barbell VooDoo, recommended CrossFit ACR I immediately messaged them through the Insta world. You know what happened? They messaged me back! I was shocked. Well played ACR! What floored me even more is that they said they have enjoyed following my story… what?! Did I read that correctly… people actually read this thing!? That absolutely blew me away. Someone out there in the cyber world had been following my story and was excited about me and friends coming to workout with them. How freaking cool is that?

On Saturday morning, we pulled up and jumped into the action. We started with a CrossFit partner WOD and then went straight into a StrongFit workout. It was AWESOME! I learned a lot, sweated a lot, and wanted to crawl in a hole a die a lot. The environment was that of your home box. It was just like being home. Everyone was nice, didn’t put on show or try to one up you, but everyone did their thing and entered into the  war shoulder to shoulder. It was an incredible mix of CrossFit and Strong man in one beautiful package. I, seriously, didn’t want to leave. If I could have, I would have workout all day with those people. Funny enough, we did end up hanging out with them later and that was cool to get to know them better. The best box experience to date! If you are anywhere close to CrossFit ACR, you have to go drop in and tell them I said Hi and give them all a hug from me!

So, heading back home, I was refreshed and rejuvenated. It was a GREAT little trip and I hope we can do it again soon.

Logistically, here’s how I planned working out and eating on the trip (if you care or wanted to know). We workout Friday morning before we left town (Since we workout at 5a). Saturday we went to CrossFit ACR and Sunday was spent traveling back home.  We packed all our own meals from Entre-Nous and packet our own snacks well. Traveling with my own meals is my best option when traveling. I know what I’m eating is good and  I am confident of what I’m eating is on my plan, and it saves me from eating badly. We ate out for dinner and otherwise stayed with the normal schedule of meals that I use back home. I would carry snacks to the beach with drinks and be able to not worry about a thing. There you go… that’s how I do weekend trip with friends.

Just because you’re on vacation, it doesn’t mean you can’t KEEP GOING!





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