File that title under things that I’ve never been told… like ever! Until last week.

Last Friday I had my latest check in with Jamie Free and although my weight was only a pound less, my Percentage of Body Fat was a whole percentage down! This landed me at 19.3%!!! The normal range for people is between 10% and 20%… soooooo, I’m normal!

This is a huge milestone for me! I can’t believe it… me … Jacob … Normal!

All my life I have wanted to be seen as normal. You know, just like everyone else. As I have aged I have come to realize that no one is normal. Everyone has their stuff they struggle with and none of us are immune to that fact. Sure obesity is a different sort of thing, because there are normal ranges for weight and body fat, and I can say that I’m now in the normal range. There are no words, no phrases or expression that can convey my excitement and utter disbelief, but I’m completely blown away!

Also, just in case you missed the insta video this week… I got a 30″ box jump! A huge mental battle win for me. BOOOM!

Keep Going!

(B-Pat… I’ve noticed your timely arrivals! Way to go!)

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