Okay, the first big hurdle of the eating Season is coming to a close…

How did you do?

Were you able to stay on plan or not stray too far away?

Are you at the point to throw in the towel and say, THE HELL WITH IT ALL!?

Wherever you are, don’t allow poor choices to define your journey right now. Don’t allow the cake, pies, and other treats to suddenly give you an excuse to quit what you’ve started. So you had a bad day or a bad week… tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow can be the day you turn it back around. Tomorrow is just another day in the midst of your struggle, but you can change what tomorrow is for you.

Will it be a win or another failure?

Will it be a triumph or will you punish yourself?

Listen… mess-ups will happen. Choices will be made. The trick is to make those choices be a thing you did in the past and not a thing you carry with you into the future.

No matter what happened over the last couple of days… get back on track. Don’t stop the amazing choices and progress you have made so far. Be the you you desire to be. Be the you that desires for the past to stay in the past, and decide that the future you will become a better and healthier you. You can do it! You will do it!

Keep Going!

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