Well, it’s clothing week on the blog. Today I want to talk about underwear.

As I have lost weight, it has created some sagging issues in certain areas. (By the way, this blog might be too much information for some of you.) The sagging creates problems as I work out. The problems can be about things bouncing around or feeling self-concious about how your body is moving and jiggling as you workout. For some, this is a good enough reason to stop working out.

For those who are committed and refuse to turn around, we have to figure out alternatives and solutions.

For instance, my stomach and chest move around a lot… while running, jumping… moving period! So, a while back I started wearing compression shirts. I buy nike or under armor… just the basic sleeveless compression shirts to wear under my regular shirts. I’m so self conscious that I don’t want anything hanging out, so I wear a compression short and a regular workout shirt on top. It helps me be more comfortable and less worried about people seeing my stomach or whatever.

Lately I have been having problems with the inside of my thighs because of sagging and loose skin. It really gets in the way of movement and things. I have been researching various “shorts” or underwear options to help keep that all in place.

I was watching a guy I follow on YouTube (Obese to Beast), and he was talking about this issue. He had found a pair of affordable underwear that he really liked. I figured I’d give it a whirl. The underwear is called “Pair of Thieves” and is sold at Target. I bought some last weekend to try out. I had a competition on Saturday with four workouts, so what better way to try some new underwear, right?

I’ll tell you, they worked GREAT! I was shocked. Not only did the underwear stay in place, but so did I! So for $12.95, I have found a great pair of underwear for anyone dealing with some loose skin issues. I got the long version and the regular version to try out. The long ones were the best. I even slept in them and they didn’t move. I am super impressed with them.

What about you? What type of compression wear to use and how well does it work?

And no, I don’t get anything for talking about this underwear. I bought them at target just like anyone else. haha!

Anyways… Keep Going!


  1. I dig these. They retail for like $25 but with the Nike outlet close by, I can usually get them for around $15-18. I have 3 pair and they’re great on those days when you’re going to be spending a lot of time upside down or with your legs up in the air. FWIW, I think they’re relatively tight when getting them on so I’d imagine you’d get the compression you’re looking for, but they may cause a muffin top effect since they’re pretty tight around the waist, too.


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