A couple of Sundays back I was told I looked homeless. like I was wearing someone elses clothing. My clothes were too big and made me look bigger because of it. I started noticing how baggy everything was and realized that I needed to go shopping.

I hate shopping for clothes. I hate spending the money and I hate looking at myself in the mirror. It all sucks!

As I was going through my closet, I made a pile of clothes that needed to go get dropped off at the Goodwill. Each piece was not that old and I didn’t feel like I got my money’s worth out of them before throwing them in a give-a-way pile now. I’m so cheap, I know.

It’s all a part of the journey and it’s another part that costs money. The whole journey of fitness is an expensive one. Not only are you paying for better food, gym memberships, home equipment, sports equipment, doctors to help your body to keep pushing, doctors to monitor your progress, and a nutrition person, but you are also having to buy new clothes because  you are getting smaller. It’s a great problem, but when you are so fragile, the last thing you need is for clothing to be an issue.

You have to think short term and not the end game yet. You are buying for the short time in which you are that size. Right now I have a drawer full of shirts I workout in that are big and in need to cycling through them, but I can’t afford that right now because of the expense of everything else. Think about, this isn’t just regular clothing purchases, this is underwear out. When you are loosing and dropping sizes you need underwear, clothes, jackets, sweatshirts, athletic wear, etc… everything! Sometimes even shoes because your feet get smaller too.

I still have this vision of clothing companies sponsoring people to change their lives. A “We Clothed them the whole way” kind of sponsorship. Clothing sucks and for a company to take that issue away from someone would be huge, even if it was just active wear. I’ve said it in an earlier blog… that story would sell clothes!

It’s all part of the gig. It’s both exciting and terrible.

Don’t let your clothing dictate who and what you are as you journey along. Let it be a sign of your hard work and let it be a reward and celebration for you!

Keep Going!

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