How is everyone doing with her goals and/or resolutions this year? 17 days in and I’m sure some of you are having a tough time. Maybe you had wished things were going better or maybe you wish things were happening quicker. Maybe you wish things were easier at this point. Whatever you might be feeling, Keep Going!

Ride the wave of good feelings or work through the feelings of failure. Either way, you’ve barely started and it’s time to focus even more.

I was at a conference last weekend and one of the presenters said something that has not left my mind since I heard it. He said, “Don’t quit 5 minutes before your miracle”. That statement sent me down a long tunnel of wonder. How many times have I quit something 5 minutes before a miracle happens or a huge turning point was close to turning? How many times have I given up or simply fizzled out right before something big has had a chance to happen?

There’s no telling!

I’ve found that it’s rarely the big choices that get me… it’s the small choices. Those small ones that don’t seem to be a big deal; the choices that “I’ll make up for later”, the choices that seem so insignificant yet three days later you’re still trying to dig yourself out from making them. Those small choices can wreck everything. We give those small choices more power than they deserve and they can easily wreck us right before our miracles happen.

How do we get around it?

  1. Force them to be isolated bleeps on the long span of your work. Don’t allow them to bleed over into the next decision. Let them be what they are… a small mess up.
  2. Make good choices. This is always easier said than done. Plan early and succeed.
  3. Define yourself with something real and lasting. Choices are NOT life defining. They are powerless to do so unless we give them that power. Don’t define yourself with another person either. (i.e. “I’m so and so’s wife/husband”, “I’m so and so’s mom/dad”, or even “I’m so and so’s girlfriend/ boyfriend”.) You are you! And You are great and wonderful… Go be You! Don’t workout for other people. Do it for you… because you love yourself enough to invest in you! Make choices because you are worthy of good choices, even though you are also not defined by your good choices either.

Back to the quitting 5 minutes thing…

Here I am a year and a few months into my goal. I started this journey two “eating-seasons” ago and dropped LBS during each one of them. Even this long into this journey, it’s still tough. It still gives me hell. I still try to talk myself out of getting out of bed some days. I still struggle when I don’t get the numbers I hope for on the scale. BUT!

Here I am seeing my body forming things that are so beautiful to me. My shoulders are becoming defined along with my arms. My legs are looking lean and strong. My stomach is even starting to show a shape other then big and round. My body is changing and I really like what I’m seeing. I’m starting to feel good about myself when I look in the mirror. In fact, I can’t wait to look, some days, because I might notice something else changing.

Many times this year I would have liked to quit, but I didn’t. I had one unfocused month, but still did fine because I Keep Going. I can’t stop; I won’t stop! If I would have quit I would have missed doing rope climbs. If I quit I would have never done Toes 2 Bar. If I quit I would have never known how good my body could feel or how great it could be starting to look. If I quit I would have settled for overweight and struggling. I don’t want a life that says I settled… I want to see the miraculous. I want to do more of the miraculous. Over and over this year I have seen the miraculous and I’m not stopping now! Sometimes it take a while to start to see it and sometimes you can notice things quickly. Either way, pursue it! Don’t stop 5 minutes before you see your miracle.

Keep Going!

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