Today, my life has taken a change and It’s important for me to celebrate. I woke up this morning pain free with only mildly stiff muscles (which is normal for me). I didn’t really pay attention to it until I was putting on my shoes. That first time bending over, for the last few weeks, has been a strain on my legs and back. This morning… normal.

I went to workout, as usually, at 5a and felt great. I still stretched my back and got my body moving before starting, but was feeling good… almost completely normal. I also kicked ass on the workout today. It was a good fit for my limited skills. (Rowing and overhead work)

I also had a Chiropractic appointment and got adjusted… still feeling good. I actually feel happy and excited about today. Crazy, because that has not been the way I have felt over the last few weeks.

So… What happened? What’s going on? Did I knock over the holy water at church and get healed? Did I finally get a return on that money we sent the televangelist? (Fake News)

The real answer… I don’t know… but things have changed in my life and I’m 100% sure they all helped create the change I’m experiencing today.

Here’s what I’m learning…

First: Food matters.

When I first started hurting, my food went to shit! Not all at once, but a meal here or there would be bad… then a meal a day was bad… and then I was doing whatever. My whatever was not to the extreme, but I was drifting all over the place like a drunk driver keeping into between the three lanes.

I’ve never understood what people where talking about when they said that food matters. I’ve always thought of it in terms of gaining fat and loosing fat. BUT…. there’s more.

Our bodies are naturally made to fix themselves. For instance, when we have a virus and our temperature spikes, that’s our body doing to work of healing and killing the virus. However, when we pump our bodies full of drugs to keep our body from healing or to trick our body into feeling and thinking it’s doing something, we are setting ourselves up to fail. A drugged body can not do what it was created to do and it becomes dependent on the drugs and stops functioning in the way we were made to function.

So, when I’m hurt… my body is going to work toward fixing the problem. I need to make sure my body is fueled in a way that it gets what it needs to do the work it needs to do. Sometimes it needs help because sometimes the body works in over compensation as opposed to healing when it comes to physical healing, so we get some guidance from doctors who think differently than pushing pills. Our bodies should be getting all it needs from the food we eat and your body will do the work of healing if it’s fueled properly, period!

If you need help with this, contact Jamie Free. (He’s wicked smart)

Second:  Process through Emotions

I’ve been working through a book called “Emotional Agility” and trying to allow it to help me in my life. I’ve always known that brooding and stuffing emotions down is problematic because they never stay locked away. They ALWAYS come out. One of the things I haven’t been doing is writing these blogs as regularly as I once was. Partly because I didn’t know what I have been feeling and why I’d been feeling that way. I like to keep my blog as encouraging as possible and I haven’t been in a place to turn things toward encouragement lately.

I’m trying to feel things and go through whatever process my feelings need. I’ve journaled  a bit more and am even getting back on my personal blog. I think it’s helped and created a more healthier me. Although the healing I wanted is physical, I’ve learned that my mental and emotional status is just as important in the healing process.

Check out the book I mentioned, it’s pretty great!

Third: Chiropractors aren’t witch doctors.

The truth is, I’ve known this for a while although people around me still think they are pushing snake oil. haha! A good chiropractor knows that their job is to help you get your body back into the way it was created to be. A good chiropractor knows the power of the body and how it was made to do miraculous things when it’s operating at it’s best. When our bodies are in line and straight, then communication can happen within it much better for healing. It’s when our bodies are twisted and out of place when it won’t function at it’s best, and If our bodies aren’t functioning at their best, then they can’t heal at their best.

Are you set up for success for your body to do what it’s designed to do?

If you notice there’s this Mind (Emotions), Body (Food, exercise, and Chiro), and Spirit element to this robust health plan of mine. My weakness has not been on the spiritual side of things and I realize that’s not true for everyone, but it takes all three to operate in our best capabilities. I don’t want to be dependent on drugs as a get older. I don’t want to mask what my body is doing by numbing it or drugging it. I want to function as the best version of myself. The healthiest version of myself. (Notice I’m not talking about others and their versions of health)

We have been given this incredible body that does miraculous things… somehow we were created to do these things… pretty cool.

This week I have been addicted to NOTHING in terms of food. Not caffeine, not sugar, and not carbs… and I feel great.

I’m always learning and I hope you are as well. Don’t allow your health to be limited by you medicating your body with lies (Bad food, drugs, or anything going in).

As always, Keep Going!

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