I’ve heard it, what feels like, millions of times. Heck, you’ve said it!

Fill in the blank:

I’m to ____________________ to do _____________________.

What have you filled the blank with recently?

I’m to (Old, Hurt, Out of Shape, or busy) to do CrossFit.

I’ve heard this statement over and over again. Excuse after excuse. None of these are reasons, they are all emotional things that we have yet to address. They are self-imposing limits which we have placed on ourselves to keep us safe. It’s a false sense of safety. It’s a safety that we think we can control. (Truth: we can’t control it)

Welcome to America!

The freedom we all have in American avails us to make all the excuses we want to not do the hard things in life.

God Bless America!

It’s our right and privilege to kill the healthcare systems, drive medical cost through the roof and out of reach of those less fortunate, and to become a burden to our families as we age. We can officially screw up EVERYTHING for our kids and it’s our God given rights as Americans. Praise GOD!

Let Freedom Ring!

For goodness sake… sound the bell. Tell the people around you to stop exercising your freedoms in this way. Stop loosing life and try to gain some back. Stop lying to yourself about how you Can’t and figure out what you CAN. Move from can’t to CAN! Do it!

I hope the tongue in cheek humor came through above. The reality is true. We just can’t survive off Can’t.

What’s standing in your way? What’s your “can’t”?

Comment below the lies you tell yourself and what you are going to do to kill the can’t.

Kill The CAN”T


Keep Going!

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