Over the last few months, I’ve been on a competition fury and this weekend will be another one! Team Vicious and Delicious have been running fully open! We have finished in second and third place at the two recent comps. This weekend we are doing our first RX comp.


What does RX mean?

RX simply means to perform the movements and standards the way their are prescribed. Scaled is the changing to those movements to be less weight and maybe an easier movement. For example… RX requires Ring Muscle Ups and scaled required Pull Ups. Similar movement but very different in their practice.

Team VD’s first competition back in the game was the Virtuosity Challenge (We got second place ) and the second was Two To Tango (Which we got third place). I also did my first individual completion (Battle of the Barbells and tied for 4th, I think… maybe 5th) the week before the Virtuosity Challenge.



They have pushed me to be tougher and push harder than ever before. I’m looking forward to what will happen at our first RX completion. Should be interesting and devastating at the same time.

Wish us luck this weekend!

The thing about competitions is not ALL about winning. Sure, I want to win every event, but that’s not everything. I really want to be the guy that stands up there and doesn’t look like he belongs there. I want to be the guy that earned his spot on the podium because I just plain worked harder than anyone else. Sure, you physically have to be strong enough, but the REAL challenge isn’t strength… it’s being strong enough mentally to push harder than those around you and to NEVER quit.

I really want to be the guy that gives others the idea that they too can compete and have some success. If I can inspire people to become and do more than they thought possible, I’d be the happiest little lark in the world.

I’m in this for life change and to help others find a new story to tell about their own lives. If I can do it, you can do it! It’s going to be tough and you will literally need to work your ass off, but you can do it and you’re worth it.

Keep Going!

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