I have the tendency that most people have when it comes to health and wellness. I bet you even suffer form it as well.

Here’s what happens…

We see/hear/read a great story. We see ourselves within that story and we think… if they did it, then so can I!

We get inspired. We feel our endorphins kick up and our body’s molecules begin to boil with excitement and possibility. In that moment, we feel unstoppable and unfettered.

At this point, it’s great! This is why I share my story so freely. I want other people to have this feeling… This tinge of the superhumanness.

The next part is where we set ourselves up for failure, much of the time.

We set out a path to “do what they did”. We join CrossFit boxes, we buy a new bike, we start a home gym, or maybe we pick up boxing. I know… whatever IT is, we go and “do what they did”. We don’t take into account what we enjoy or what might be best for us, we simply go and do what they did. We don’t consider the long term side of our choice.

I admit, this CAN be an opportunity to experience something new, something you’ve never done before and it might stick… after all, you might find a new love. So, I can’t paint this as being totally bad… I’m just saying… think about it.

Back to my point…

Let me prove this to you. Let me simply name some diets and you think about if you jumped into any, trying them because you saw someone who had success but they didn’t last or were not long term help: Keto, Adkins, Whole 30, south beach, No Carb, low carb, or gluten free (just to name a few). At some point you might have jumped onto one of these boats before you even realized it. Maybe it was a workout methodology: CrossFit, Cycling, Running (God forbid), Curves, Circuit Training, BeachBody, Body Building, more Cardio all the time, more time working out, or Zumba. Sure, I could list things ALL day that people don’t do long term, but remember I’m talking about the things we see and jump on before we know what’s happening.

The truth is, we want to do “what works”. In-so-doing we try out what’s worked for other people. We grab diet templets, ask about what people are doing, and purchase generic programs that never take the individual into account. after all, if it worked for Tim, then It will work for me. False… but maybe.

I firmly believe that our methodology has to match our psychology. What we do needs to register with who we are and who we want to be. The power to change does NOT come from what someone else did or does, it comes from what YOU DO!

Full disclosure, I do think CrossFit is for everyone because it is infinitely scaleable. It literally works for everyone… But it might not be your jam and I get that. I’d rather a person have long term success than short term failure because they didm’t enjoy what they were doing. For instance, my wife and I do completely different types of exercise. That’s okay. She does what she enjoys and I do what I enjoy, but we are both active. WIN!

The same thing is true about nutrition. You can buy a template or plan online. You can even loose weight doing it. But what if you had someone that looked into your life and created a plan that worked specifically for you. That met your needs. That taught you how to have long term success. That would be best case scenario, right? That’s why I choose a nutrition coach and not wight watchers, RP Strength, or anything else. I wanted someone who knew me and would take time to work WITH me… not just cash my checks.

I better stop while I’m ahead. My point is: You do you! You are great just the way you are. There’s also more life than you can see right now… more experiences, more freedom, and more freedom than you currently know. When you envision a new you, what do you see? What are you doing? Who are you doing it with? Go toward THAT vision and enjoy the ride!

Keep Going!

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