People who don’t know me, make assumptions and underestimate me. People who know me, don’t. You can always tell those two groups apart by the roles they give you in life. Have you ever thought of it in that way?

People who don’t know me might place me on the bench, but people who do know me would place me as a key role in the game. People who do know you, will build you up, whereas people who don’t know you will limit you and possibly put you down.

The same is true about goals. People who don’t know you will give you easily attainable goals because they don’t expect much form you. Whereas people who do know you will set realistic goals that are achievable or slightly out of reach to see what you can really do when pushed.

I need people in my life who know me. Who care enough to speak into my life and push me toward goals. The crew I workout with, know me pretty well. They push me toward really good/tough goals. I place goals that are usually beyond my ability, and people who don’t know me set me up to have meaningless victories that are easy and not challenging.

What I’m learning is that I need to listen to my wolf pack and allow them to push me toward goals. I need to keep myself in check and disregard those who don’t know me enough to speak into my life. All of this is easier said than done and that’s the work to be done on this journey. Keep Going!


  1. People who don’t know you don’t know how competetive you are. People who do know you, know you won’t think twice about hip checking a girl who has talked smack about beating you at musical wall balls 🙂


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