I started working with Jamie Free in November. Today I had my 8 week check-in. Remember: Celebrate the wins!

In my 8 weeks, I have:

  1. Lost 31.1 lbs. (Averages to -3.89 a week)
  2. My Body Fat Percentage has dropped 4.7%
  3. Just this last two weeks, I dropped 6.2 lbs and 2.9% off my BFP

My body seems to have made a shift in the way it burns fat. I have felt great this week and the numbers tell me why… my body is changeing for the better.

My three main tools:

My Ready Meals each week from Entre-Nous , as well as all the encouragement and hand holding they give me as well.

My food plan, accountability, and encouragement from Two-Seven Health and Wellness

CrossFit Combustion in Spring Hill, TN


This is AWESOME and I’m excited… Keep Going!


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