This was an interesting WOD. I came into the week with a hurt shoulder but was well enough to workout by Saturday. Thank goodness.

Here’s the interesting thing about this WOD. Once again I couldn’t do one of the movements in the RX division, so I did this WOD scaled. The common question in the box is about people’s expectations on how far they would get in each WOD, so this one was no different. People kept asking me how far I thought I would get in the WOD, and in my head, I was thinking… I’m pretty sure I’ll get through it. I thought this would be egotistical, so I think I said something like I anticipate getting far as long as my legs hold up. So, here’s the WOD:


I really love working on the Snatch… It’s my favorite thing to work on. My heaviest snatch is 185lbs, so I thought that 155lbs would be no problem. I was right! I went in hard and pushed through the entire workout and finished with just over 4 minutes to spare.

I realize that I am not a games athlete, but for me… I killed it! I didn’t get a single “NO REP!” or miss any snatches. It was a great morning for me… even coming off a week with shoulder problems. My finish time was 19:54. This was a BIG win for me!

Here’s what I am learning through my victory… I really should believe in myself more. I don’t do a good job believing in myself enough to speak up. If I feel like I should be able to do something… then say it… claim it… and be confident. You CAN do it! Keep Going!

These amazing photos are from my friend John Myers and you can hire him to do video or photography at your events/wedding. Click here or on his name to go to his website.


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