We all have seasons in our lives where things get really stress filled. We have all kinds of factors that go into our stress. It could be work, family, friends, hobbies, etc. It’s interesting how at any point in time something great could turn into something stressful.  We could be watching TV one night, and bam! Ninjas smash through our windows and attack our family. right!? All of a sudden we are caught up in a high-stress environment.

Okay, that was a little extreme and not something most of us will encounter. We all have gotten a phone call, email, or text that immediately tightens everything in our bodies. Maybe it’s a phone call from your boss who is not satisfied with your work performance, or a text about something you forgot to do… either way, we immediately are filled with stress.

Right now, we are in a season in my work where people are receiving job changes. Every phone call, text, and email come with a stressful glance wondering if this is where you are asked to change jobs to another place. It’s an intense time. At any point, I could get a call that says you are being placed in a different job in a different location… You and your family will need to move in a few months. To be clear, this is the work that I have been called to do and it’s not a surprise that it might happen, but that doesn’t change the stress level.

What you do with that stress is important.

I always wished I was one of those people who would workout, go for a run, or any other healthy response to stress. Instead, I eat… and I eat badly. I wanted sugar, pizza, pasta, or anything else that would help me to check out of the stress. I remember times where I would drop into Kroger and look at whatever cash I had in my car and go buy whatever I could afford. you know, because if I used cash, no one would know.

I could usually find enough change to get a small box of pop tarts. I would buy them and go back to my car to eat as many as I could before I hated them. (they weren’t my favorite thing, but they were cheap) I would then leave whatever was remaining in my car for the next time I drove somewhere. Yes, I would keep a secret stash of food in my car… I was that guy. Anyways, I would carry that stress for days and eat pop tarts or whatever else I could eat just to cope with my stress. I would become like an addict searching for my next fix. It might be a huge slushy, frosty, fast food, whatever! Just bring on the drug I need!

Here’s what I’ve found out, from my life. First, stress has to be dealt with and can’t be just covered up. Second, recognize the signs of stress reactions coming. Third, stress will always be a part of our lives.

Do you have a way/plan to deal with stress in your life?

If the answer is no, you’re planning to fail. We have to have a plan to deal with stress before we are stressed and we need to have people around us that will give us the freedom to do what we need to do. There are times where I workout twice a day. Many times, that’s because I have had a stressful day and need to get that tension out of my body and food is not an option. To have the freedom to go workout is a huge gift and makes sure that I don’t turn to food.

Food can not be an option any longer, we must love ourselves more than allowing ourselves to implode and ruin the good we have done in our lives. Stress eating will derail each of us in a hot second. Don’t do it! Make a plan for stress and work the plan… that way you can Keep Going!

What do you do when you get stressed? What’s your plan?


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