Big day!

Last Monday I had my check in with Jamie Free. As usual, I walk in and start taking EVERYTHING out of my pockets. I take off my hat, my watch and rings… everything I have on except my clothes. (Believe me, I’ve considered that as well!) Then I Clorox wipe my hands and feet, and on the scale, I go. I stand there holding my breath trying to remember my last number to know if I should feel great or frustration. I’m sure you remember my last check in where I was more frustrated than glad. It happens.


The numbers clicked down and I couldn’t believe my eyes… I went down over 9 lbs!!!! What the what? Seriously, 9 pounds. I was in shock. All I did was work my plan. No games, no gimmicks, just worked out as usual and ate my plan… that’s it!

All of a sudden I hear Jamie say, that’s over 50 lbs! What?!?!?!


That’s right! Since starting with Jamie in November, I have lost 53.3 lbs. That’s a huge win for me and I’m so excited!

That’s why I posted my picture holding a 53lbs kettlebell Monday night. That’s the weight that was on my body a little less than 5 months earlier. Now, that’s a heavy kettlebell that I’m not carrying around on my body, and that’s awesome!

My Family has been incredibly gracious and supportive, but I want to share a little bit about the people behind me and around me. The people who help me make the tough decisions daily. I’m thankful for Jamie for being the author of my plan, encouraging me, and always being available. You can read more about him and my experience with him here. Also, I couldn’t have stayed as focused as I have been without Samantha at Entre-Nous. She makes my food in line with my plan and makes my life great with incredible food! She has also walked alongside me during this journey and been an incredible support. She knows what I’m going through and her wisdom has been paramount. Lastly, my CrossFit Combustion family has been awesome! They encourage, support, and push me every day and for that, I’m so grateful. The Wolfpack makes every 5:30 am workout great and some of us have been together for almost three years! It takes a village and I’m so grateful for the village around me.




  1. Yeahhhh! Keep going! Hey, wonder if you could shave off a few more pounds by downsizing the beard. See what I did there…shave pounds…beard.


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