I have serval new things that I am currently working on.

The first, is that I have a new logo. A FitBy40 logo!!!! I have also ordered a few bumper stickers. If any of you are interested, send me a message and I’ll try and get one to you… if you will display it proudly.

I also have a new partnership with Barbell Voodoo! I am going to be helping out with their Blog and their Podcasts… so watch out for new content coming from them really soon!

The last NEW THING is really an old thing. On Wednesday, I will be meeting with Jamie for my 1 year check in… that’s right, It’s been one year since I first met with him. November 8th, 2016 was my first weight in. Look for a longer blog post latter this week with updates and comparisons from one year ago.

Get pumped! 2018 is going to awesome! Over the next two months we will be focusing on goals and working toward winning in 2018. Who has something awesome they want to accomplish next year? Comment below with what goals you are thinking about for 2018.

In the mean time, Keep Going!



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