Today marks my 1 year anniversary with Jamie Free and 27 Health and Wellness. One year ago today, I met with Jamie and told him about my life and how I wanted to loose weight and get stronger. They seem mutually exclusive, right?


This year has been such an incredible experience for me. I have had people come alongside of me and walk with me; each one of them owns a piece of my success this year. This year, I have accomplished more than I thought possible and I’m so excited about what’s coming next! Before I turn my focus on next year, let me tell you about this last year…

I walked into Jamie’s house, and here’s what I found out:

I weighted 389.1 LBS (at that time. my highest I have ever saw was 415LBS.)

My Percentage of Body Fat was 34.8% and it said I need to loose 90.6 LBS Fat.


Today I weigh 307.8

My Percentage of Body Fat is now 20.3% and I need to loose another 19.2 LBS of Fat.

That’s right, over the last year I have lost 81.3 LBS!!! and gone down 14.5% Body Fat!

But that’s not all…

Over the lat year I have: Been sponsored by Enter-Nous, gotten weightlifting PR’s, WOD PR’s, Graduated with a Master’s Degree, built a house and Moved houses, moved jobs, I was a team leader for one of our Box’s CrossFit Open Teams, I did 2 CrossFit Games Open workouts at RX, Won the Combustion Cup for having the best team during the Open, Moved CrossFit boxes, Got featured on the Barbell VooDoo podcast, saw a full eclipse, Set up a garage gym for myself, took a weekend guys trip and started an awesome relationship with CrossFit ACR, Got introduced to StrongFit, Competed in my first CrossFit competition, Won an event at our first CrossFit Competition, Competed in another CrossFit Comp in Florida at ACR and got first place in that Competition!, bought a new car, had a standup desk made for my office, started getting Double Unders better and regularly, Got my first rope climb, got team shirts from Barbell VooDoo, designed and got a new logo, started this blog, started with tight fitting 3xl shirts and am now wearing some Xl shirts, and now I have started to write and do Podcasts with Barbell VooDoo… what an amazing year!

I’m sure I forgot tings, but wow! This year was awesome!

Maybe you have goals and wishes for your life. What if you took one year and focused on that one thing in your life… what would happen? Maybe you are already 40… who cares! Set a different age and run toward it. In January I turn 39 and I begin my final year of this blog. Sure, I hope to keep going past 40 but I can’t wait to see what happens!

Always remember, because progress is sometimes slow…



And Now…

Thank you for reading my blog… you all keep me going.

Keep Going!


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