This week launches one of the toughest times in the lives of those persons who struggle with food. If you are like me, your soul seems to almost come alive at the opportunity to eat really good food. The food that I grew up eating and the food that provides comfort. It’s the food that’s loaded with sugar and butter… you know, the good stuff!

With a seemingly endless supply of cakes, pies, yummy treats, and rich food, what will we do to not loose sight of our new lifestyle?

I started this work at the beginning of last years eating season. It was tough, to say the least!

This year I have a check-in the day after Thanksgiving… the day AFTER THANKSGIVING! How dumb is that? Nothing will be covered up or worked off at that point!

This year I have a plan to bring my own meals. Yeah, I’m going to be that guy who packs his food. Or I’ll be the guy who brings his own food scale. Either way, my plan is to stay on plan. That right… since I don’t diet, I can stay on plan. I eat in a way that my body gets what it needs and I usually don’t feel deprived. Of course, my mind is going to tell me many lies over the coming weeks. Lies like:

Just one piece of pie won’t kill you

Just a little bit of this will be fine

What if you don’t log it all, no one will know

Just one bite.

I think Im still hungry

All of these are lies that my brain tries to convince me to believe when the eating season in upon me. Well… these lies are also told at Birthday parties, sporting events, and when I pass a Buffett. Haha!

I know that I have some foods that will trigger my demise. Usually my triggers are sugar treats or amazing carbs… which, I guess, are basically the same.

The trick is defining what Holidays are about. Is everything about food or about the relationships you have with the people with whom you gather? When the priority is food, the struggle is deep. When the priority is people, the struggle gets easier and maybe forgotten.

Stay strong, but have fun. Don’t go crazy but if you feel strong enough to indulge a bit, then do it. I’m just not someone who easily stops at a little bite.

Make sure you prepare for your holiday parties. Know what you are going to do and only do those things. Remember that you are not alone in this struggle and that I’m doing it along side of you. I’m with you in the polite no’s and the I’m good’s. I’m with you when you feel embarrassed for you life choices. I’m with you when you look around the table at everyone who doesn’t care or struggle with their weight and self image. I’m here feels the same feelings and caring the same baggage. Together, we will make it. Together we can stay on plan and be proud of the way we will be successful at working toward health… even during the eating season.

The Eating Season has begun… are you ready for the game?

Keep Going!



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