A couple do weeks ago I was shopping for some clothes. I hate buying new clothes! I hate having to visually examine myself in each article of clothing. As we all know, some clothes look better than others on our body. This could have to do with cut, fashion, or body type design of the clothing. Not to mention inconsistencies with clothing manufacturing. I also Hate spending money on clothes. I don’t pay full price for clothes and I refuse to try anything on that’s not something with a reasonable price.  Whoah, that was a tangent… Anyways…

I was trying on clothes and looking in the mirror hoping to see a really attractive version of myself looking back at me, when I noticed that every pair of pants I tried on where too big. I was getting frustrated because I simply wanted some pants that fit well and would match the new shirts I was buying (Which were size XLT…. YES!!!!).

As I was looking through all the pants, I attracted the attention of the clothing store worker who came to ask if he could help me find something. I told him that I needed this size waist and he asked what length I needed. I told him and he said, “We sell mens clothes in this sections (the Big and Tall), you will have to go to the boys section”. I paused and wondered what he was trying to say and if I need to come back at him or not.

Then I realized what he was telling me.

The pants I needed where not sold in the Big and Tall section, but the regular mens clothing section. I was being kicked out of the Big and Tall section! Part of me was excited and the other part of me wondered if it was really true.

It was true, the size I needed was in the regular men’s section. How crazy is that?!

Sometimes the place you hate gives us encouragement and information that makes us feel great! Just take it and Keep Going!


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