I clearly got really behind on my blog. Good news: It’s not because I stopped this whole fitness thing. I’ve been working hard and eating well. In the past month I dropped below #300 and have been feeling really great in my body. I’ve just allowed other things to consume my time lately. I apologize to you all for being silent. Hopefully you have been following my Insta action on Instagram.

I’ve been thinking a lot about where to go with this Fit By 40 thing over my “last year”. Next January I turn 40 and with that comes a whole new season of goal setting and focus.   The problem is that I don’t know what I will be like until I get closer, so those new goals will have to wait.

My desire, over the next year, is to be able to share my story and encourage others to begin or continue their journey of fitness. I don’t know what that will look like exactly, but I’m open to opportunities.

This week has been different than the last few weeks. For some reason, that I can’t figure out, I have really struggled. Each morning I go to war with myself to get out of bed and go work out. Each day is a battle over food and fighting against the urge to eat things not on my plan. It’s been really difficult, but I’ve survived and I keep pushing. Maybe it’s been the weather change (Going back to cold) or the struggle to get settled after being out of town. I’m just not sure whats going on exactly.

I hope knowing that off weeks happen, gives you more courage in knowing you are not alone and that easy might not be part of the equation. I’ve had many seasons were I’m great and it is pretty easy, but they are not long seasons. The good news is that the bad seasons aren’t long either.

Even within this blog I feel scattered and unfocused. I should have an update to my progress in the near future, because I have had some really great things happen, but I’m currently so foggy that I can’t get there right now. It amazing how the more connected you feel with your body the more you know and hear it as it is changing. It’s weird and I don’t know how to explain it, but I know my body know more than ever and that’s both a gift and a worry.

Until next time… Keep Going!

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