I did it! I showed up and competed in my first Individual CrossFit Competition. It was a LONG and HOT day. We competed in four different workouts and I didn’t get time capped nor get a “Did Not Finish” (DNF) on any of them.

I didn’t really know what to expect. I got there early, set up my living room tent and waited. I saw all the healthy people showing up and was a little intimidated. I figured I’d do okay, but didn’t really know if that would be my reality.

Here were the WOD’s:

Workout 1: 

The Clean & Jerk Ladder
You will have 1 minute at each station to successfully clean & lock out overhead the given weight. They threw a little change on this one with alternating braver burpees and KB swings on alternating minutes.
Mens weights start at 115lbs and increase up to 245lbs. There will be an additional “bonus bar” for anyone making it all the way through 245.
Women weights start at 65lbs and increase up to 140lbs. There will be an additional “bonus bar” for anyone making it all the way through 140.
If you fail to complete the given weight, you are out, and your score is the previous successful weight you lifted. There are no tie breaks in this event.

You may attempt as many times as needed within the minute. The entire lift MUST BE complete prior to the change of the minute.
Any type of clean is allowed.
Any type of shoulder to overhead is allowed.

This one I expected to get to #225 on, but fell short. Believe it or not, the bar through me off. It was a different bar than the other bars and it messed up my grip and my head. I’ll have to practice with different bars next time.

Workout 2:


9:00 AMRAP:

Buy in: 1:00 bar hang (Must complete one minute hold and can be broken up) before starting other movements. 

3 movements: Wall Balls (#20), Double Unders or Singles (3:1), Box Step Overs (#40)
Includes Single arm DB Box Step Overs.
*Men hold a 40lb DB, Women hold a 25lb DB.
*Men step on and over 24″ box. Women step on and over a 20″ box.
*Both feet much touch the top of the box, no full extension is required.
*The dumbbell is to be held at the side in a “farmer style” position. It my not be rested in the crease of the hip.
*You can switch arms as often as needed.
Includes Double Unders (or) Single Unders.
*You may pick, per round, whether you want to do Doubles or Singles. The singles are exactly 3x the amount of Doubles. If you start with doubles and end up changing your mind, you can start that set over with singles with no penalty.
*For scoring purposes, every 3 single unders equal 1 rep. So if you finish with 15 singles under and someone else did 5 double unders, you tied with them.

We found out about this one on site. What a great surprise! haha!

Workout 3:


Dumbbell / Squat / Run
(15:00 Cap)
Men: 40lb DB
Women: 25lb DB
For Time:
50′ Single Arm Overhead DB walking lunge.
6 DB Hang power clean & Overhead (same arm)
6 DB Hang power clean & Overhead (other arm)
16 Air Squats
100m run
6 DB Snatches (same arm)
6 DB Snatches (other arm)
16 Air Squats
100m run
50′ Single Arm Overhead DB walking lunge.

*There is no required arm for the DB OH Lunge, and you can switch as often as you’d like.
*The reps of 6 with the DB do not have to be unbroken, but all the reps must be completed on the same side before proceeding to the other arm. You can choose which arm you start with each round.
*When performing your DB reps, AND, when air squatting, you and your dumbbell must remain on your rubber place mat.
*The 100m run is more like 120m because you’ll have to enter and exit you lane via running 50′ prior to entering the running route.
*Time is called after you have lunged stepped and stood up both feet past the finish line on the final 50′ lunge.
*The minimum work requirement to finish above anyone who has to further scale the DB Weight is completing the first 3 rounds of the workout.

I tested this one weeks before, but in competition I finished nearly a minute quicker than my test run! Still was in 11th place, which was my worst finish of the day. This workout is were I need to improve… this type of workout.

Workout 4: 

For time: 
(5:00 cap Men / 6:00 cap Women)
Mens: 95lbs
Womens: 65lbs

45 Deadlifts
30 Calorie Row………(tie break time)
15 Snatches

*There will be a tie break time recorded after the Row. This will solve any ties that result from finishing the same # of snatches as someone else as time expires, or two people finishing in the same time.
*Deadlifts must be conventional (feet are inside the width of the hands). You may wear a belt, you may not wear lifting straps. (Lift straps are not “wrist wraps”, which are traditionally worn for snatches).
*You may set the rower damper and foot stretchers as desired.
*Snatches may be power/squat/split. Press-outs are allowed. Must reach full extension at the completion of each rep.

On this lat workout I ran out of steam with the snatches. I also got some no reps, which were false after watching the video, but still cost me time and extra reps. Then My time for recorded inaccurately as well. I really get messed over on this one, but that happens and we move on.


I learned a lot at this competition and Rampage did a GREAT job. I had a judge that struggled a bit in my last workout which cost me, but that happens. People make mistakes and you can’t do anything about that. The mistake wouldn’t have made me podium or anything, just move up one spot.

Here’s the deal: walk toward your fear! Don’t allow fear to control the person you didn’t know you could be. CrossFit is still CrossFit… people still walk with you through the tough stuff. They still cheer you one. They still back you… CrossFit doesn’t change in competition, but you might be completely changed by it… in a good way!

Yesterday I registered for another competition and I’m pretty excited about that one. I’m going to apply the lessons I learned and do better next time. Wish me luck!

I did end up tying for 5th place, and that’s great!

Lets see what happens at the next comp! Keep Going!


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