Today is the day… the day we make those New Year’s Resolutions. We promise ourselves that this year will be different… will be better. This year I’m going to enjoy life more, loose weight, spend more time with family and friends, or make more money.

We all have these ideas going into a new year.

We all like opportunities to change our story, to be better, or to be closer to the life we’ve dreamed of in earlier years.

When we were younger we had different school years where we could be different after summer break. We even had transitions from Elementary, Middle, High School, and college where we could be different as well. Those were awesome! For the price of some new clothes, a new backpack, and new shoes we could be a new person.

As adults, we buy gym memberships, invest in meal prep companies, or start searching for new careers. We look for a fresh/new love to be either experienced for the first time or rekindled in our current relationships. Our expectation is that life can be just like or better than what we see in the movies. If the stars align and we are looking close enough, we will experience life change when the ball drops in New York City!

The magic of New Year’s is often palatable. It’s that tingle that goes through our bodies as we dream about what could be. It’s that lingering wonder and awe of Christmas that carries us through midnight of December 31st. We all believe in it, but few of us will ever actually experience it.

Sometimes dreaming is good enough… at least good enough to keep us coming back.

Last year I was cross about making resolutions because they aren’t resolutions… they are wishes. Wishes that fail before February is over! I wrote about setting goals and planning accordingly to accomplish those goals. I still stand by this mindset and you can read about it here.

But this year I’m changing the script.

Do something, not nothing!

Who cares what you call it… just do something. This season is a natural opportunity to be better than you were previously. Don’t we all what to be better… don’t we all want to move forward in life and not be stagnant?

Spend some time today figuring out what you can do to take a step forward in becoming a better YOU. Maybe that’s learning something new, loosing weight, dropping body fat, running, hobbies, learning a new language, or deciding to pursue your faith more closely. Whatever you need to do to progress forward, do it!

Nike has is right… Just Do It!

Allow this natural change to usher in the change you need to make in your life. Plan for the long haul and make it last! If you fail in February, then pick it back up!

That’s the deal we all forget. There’s nothing magical about New Years and we can start a new thing anytime. You are strong enough and have what you need to do it, so stop making excuses. Make the change and if you fail, make the change again. You can do it!

Just do it and Keep Going!

Happy New Year!



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