Change does not happen in isolation.

Think about people who have astounded you with stories of big life change… they always have other people involved in their journey. If someone quits alcohol and wants to stay sober, they have a community called AA. The same with other addictions: OA, SA, NA, Alanon, etc.

At this point in my life I have done CrossFit for 2.5 years! That’s some commitment. My problem is not committing to a routine or working out. My problem is with food and how I use food to deal with my emotions and stress. The physical stuff has had a great team for that last two and a half years, but my food stayed private and unattached to my physical CrossFit life. That’s a problem.

What I have learned is that, If I want change to happen, I need help! I had previously lost 100+LBS in my life. I did it with a team of people around me. As life change happened and stress got greater, I went inward and decided I didn’t need help… failure and weight gain followed.

So, about two month back I reached out for help. Now at about two month in, I am involving as many people as I can in my journey. Why? Because I can’t do it alone, and neither can you. I would love for us to journey together and support each other with affirmation and encouragement. Will you allow me to be a part of your journey as you become a part of mine?


Here’s the hard part: We all know that when we go public… when we put ourselves out there for all to see… we run the risk of people being able to hurt us. Transparency comes with the opportunity for people to project themselves negatively onto you and your journey. This can derail your journey.

The Lesson I’m learning, again, is that most people in my world want me to be the best I can be. Allow those people to be the ones who are allowed to speak into your life and not the ones who want you to be brought down to make themselves feel better. Together we are strong, unstoppable, and valuable. Keep Going!



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